The BucketList Checklist

9. Hike the Y
Completed June 26, 2013

10Hike to the C
Completed October 22, 2011

11. Eat Sushi
Completed summer of 2010 with Celeste Lines and Tori Montoya at Tucano's.  Followed with a fun evening of roaming around and getting frozen yogurt at yogurt bliss.  And I absolutely loved it!  I loved the texture and the taste.  Too bad that it's extremely expensive.

20.  Get completely soaked in a Utah rainstorm
Completed April 20, 2011
While chillin' at the boy's apartment a storm broke out.  Josh and I immediately went outside and danced, skipped, and sang in the rain while watching the lightning.  Oh and we also got completely drenched.  It was a great evening :) 

You can't really tell, but this is how drenched I was after the storm.  My shirt was so heavy from all the water

21. Try Every Single Hawaiian Ice Flavor
Completed Summer 2011

22. Eat an entire onion
completed July 12, 2010 with Tehiva Matthews.  We locked ourselves in the basement and ate them to the bitter end with breaks for snickers, granola bars, and propel.  Yes, we reeked the next day along with the basement.  Yes, we bawled our eyes out while we ate them, but it was totally worth it.  Ended the event by watching Holes.  Couldn't eat onions for a long time after....

25. Go on Free Fall
Completed June 2010 thanks to Kylie Major.  I was terrified to go on this slide at seven peaks, but my dear friend Kylie was there to support me and helped push me through! And man did we have fun after that!

26. Drive-in Movie
Completed August 2010 on a date with Jamal Lythgoe, Trent Howard and Celeste Lines, and Kylie Major and Jake Hale.  We went on a triple date to see "Despicable Me" and I decided that the Drive-In movie is my favorite thing ever and I was really disappointed that I didn't find out about it earlier!  But I still did go see Toy Story 3 with my family there too.  It's just the cutest thing ever.  I'm going to build one in Cedar I decided.  Ya. that would be good.

30. Go to college and live.
Completed May 5, 2011

31. Have someone throw rocks at your window late at night.
Completed sometime during my sophomore year.  My best friend Whitney scared the crap out of me when I heard a thud on my window, but it was fun to talk to her in the wee hours of night. 

32. Listen to every single song on my ipod on shuffle without ever changing it.
Completed Fall 2010 during college!  I started on our road trip to Washington never knowing how long it would take, but I did it! I listened to all 2,657 songs.  (well I might have skipped a couple of them if I didn't feel like listening to them, but it still totally counts.)

35.  Own the pebble and the penguin CD.
Completed March 21, 2011.  
I received a present in a hot pink bag and inside was the cd.  Thankyou so much anonymous person for helping complete something on my bucketlist.

46. Throw a fistful of glitter in the air
Completed May 3, 2011
Because of my dear friend Erica Ellen and her birthday present, I was able to throw a fistful of glitter in the air.  Now when I hear that song, I can say. Why yes I have, yes I have thrown a fistful of glitter in the air.  It was an exhilerating experience that I recommend for all.

48.  Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle Washington.

52. Go to Stadium of Fire
Completed July 4, 2013