I'm feeling 22.

April 25
The perfect date.

...and my birthday :) 

I turned 22.  
So that means it is the only day where I am completely justified in singing Taylor Swift's 22 song at the top of my lungs.  

As I was belting the melody, 
some words stuck out to me that I'd never really heard before.  
They go like this

           We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time
           It's miserable and magical 
           Oh, yeah

What an odd choice of words?  
Completely opposite.
How can you be miserable, happy, magical, confused, lonely, free all at the same time?

But then I thought about my life,
and realized,
that it explains it perfectly.  

One second I can't stop smiling and the next I'm in tears.  
One second I feel so busy, and the next I feel free.  

Oh the joys of being 22.  

But really. 
I am going to make this next year amazing. 
Soooo many changes are coming
Things will be different

It will be hard.  
It will be dang hard.

But I know with the help of the Lord I will be able to make it through anything that comes my way. 

Cheers to being 22!  

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