Diamond Fork Hot Springs

In Cedar City, one of my favorite adventures is driving to the hot pots in Meadow.
We've had great times running into scuba divers, running through the snow, and talking about dead cows....
haha stories for another time....

But...I knew that there were also hot springs somewhere up spanish fork canyon, so I did my homework, grabbed my soon to be gone he's moving to New York next week ;( hiking buddy and hit the trail.

It took us FOREVER to find the trailhead.  It was not recognizable at all and the hike was not on any of the maps up the canyon.  We stopped and asked every person we saw if they knew where the hike was.  We ended up running into some extremely nice people (2 different groups) who were just as lost as we were.  Luckily we stuck together and eventually found the trail.  It felt good to know we weren't the only ones that were lost.

The scenery was breathtaking.
It was an absolute delight to be walking by a stream for the duration of the hike.
We even saw some red rock too that immediately brought me back to Southern Utah and made me miss Cedar that much more.

When we got to the hot springs we found a magnificent waterfall that spilled into several pools.
Yes, I'm still obsessed with waterfalls.
As I dipped my foot into the water, I felt as if I was stepping into a hot tub.
Moss covered the rocks.
The water was milky.
And it stunk.

It stunk bad.

But it was definitely worth it.
I can't wait to make this trip again.

Some Facts
Check this website for wonderful, up-to-date, useful information.  It's my favorite hiking website.  Ever. 
Length: 4.82 miles (roundtrip)
Time: It took us 2 hours even.  We even stayed at the hot springs for a little bit to look around and explore.  If you are planning on swimming it will take more time.
Difficulty: Moderate.
Trailhead: Like I said before, it was difficult to find.  To get to the hike drive toward Price on Highway 6 through Spanish Fork Canyon.  Turn right at the sign that points to Diamond Fork.  Drive about 10 miles.  Then you'll see a parking area and an outhouse through the trees and if you look behind you, you'll see a sign that looks like this.

Yes, it's not facing the road. You may have to back up. This is what the entrance looks like.

If you just go through that gate, just keep going straight and don't go on the bridge at the beginning to the right.  Stay left.
Other Facts:  
Watch out for cows as you drive up, we were stopped multiple times by mooing cows in the middle of the road.  

On the trail there is one fork in the road, it doesn't matter which path you take, they meet up eventually.

Oh. And these hot springs are known to have skinny dippers, you can notice signs along the way... ;)


The other day I did this hike again with Heidi in the wee hours of the morning.  When we got to the springs we saw this. 

It blew my mind! Three completely different colors of water.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We actually ended up swimming in those three pools this time.  The water was soooo nice and warm, but it stunk. So definitely make sure to not wear a nice swimming suit. 


Bailey said...

Marina, you're the greatest! What a fun adventure!

Kim said...

Oh yes there are skinny dippers...and naked hikers. One time we did these hot springs at night and while we were hiking up we saw a glowing man...totally naked except for the hiking boots. Hilarious.