Why hello there.

After finishing my third crazy year of school,
and with some prodding from my Aunt....
I've picked up the ole' blog again. 

This is what happened this year. 

I wish it wouldn't have ended.  
Junior year of college, you treated me well. 

I know.... too many pictures.
But it was a miracle I shrunk it down to this many! 

1. The Piano Guys Concert
2. Homecoming Parade, repping the College of Education
3. First time at Bryce Canyon
4. Ian's first year at Shakespeare Competition
5. Sheep parade with the cousins
6. Disneyland with this crazy fun girl!
7. First time seeing World of Color
8. CarsLand. (I cried)
9. Alice in Wonderland at Halloween
10. Voted for the president (first time)
11. Wild Panaca Adventures with Miranda and friends
12. Meeting Temple Grandin at an Autism Conference
13. Eric Church Concert with Shannon
14. Working at the Library, pulling around my little red wagon.
15. Snowboarding for the first time
16. Shooting. All the time. 
17. JEMboree!
18. Art conference in St. George
19. Running for student government as the BOLD party (and winning)
20. My face is on a poster. 
21. Meeting this wild child.
22. Having the most amazing adventures in SPED block. 
23. Pulling a lamb.
24. Going to France and seeing la tour eiffel
25. Buying a book in a french book shop I found on pinterest.
26. Going to Spain and seeing the Sagrada Familia
27. Swing dancing every wednesday night!
28. Falling in love with Karaoke nights. 
29. Sending this cousin on a mission (I miss her too much)
30. Seeing my Whitney graduate from college! (makes me feel old)

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Linda Liebhardt said...

What a great way to sum up a great year! I love it that the library's little red wagon and your cute shoes made the list. ;-)