the unveiling.

It's finally complete!

The SUU education department's brand new blog.

So any SUU education majors out there (elementary or secondary) better check this out. Because it is epic!

Background:  My dear amazing friend, Jessica Beck if you go to the above blog address, you can read all about her.  Was voted in as the education senator in SUUSA.  Last year she asked me to be one of her department representatives.  I gladly accepted and am now the special ed rep in SUUSA.  We noticed through the past years, that the education department was struggling with communication.  You'd go here and they'd tell you one thing, you'd go there they'd tell you something completely different.  It was frustrating! So our main objective this year is to get everyone on the same page, get the facts straight and help open up communication between students and faculty.  And this blog is definitely going to help!

So tell everyone you know who is going into education to look it up!
On this blog you will find...

  • Information on getting into the program or block
  • Praxis Information
  • Lesson Plans from other SUU students
  • Production Lab hours and resources
  • Upcoming announcements
  • Faculty and student spotlights
  • Important Education Information

I am so excited for this. 

I had to add a picture to this post because I love pictures (especially this one).
Go Educators!  

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