In the meantime...

Been working on another amazingly awesome blog for school that I will tell you all about as soon as it is ready... Which is in the very near future.

Ordered the Iphone 5 today!!!  I'm just a little bit too excited. Shout out to my dad who is the best researcher in the world and was able to help me figure everything out.  Oh he is wonderful. 

Ran into this picture... haha oh those good ole awkward days.  So blessed to still call this girl my friend.  Hopefully she doesn't hurt me too bad for putting this up here ;) Love you Whit!

Attended the satellite series salon concert tonight.  This concert series is all about integration of the fine arts. Tonight the mixture in the concert was visual arts quilt making and music big fancy famous dolcimer/marimba/percussion player.  During the intermission the audience was invited to cut a leaf out of fabric to be put on the quilt that Deb Snyder was making on stage while the musicians were playing.  Aren't the arts just the neatest?

There's a mouse in the house and Ella my grandpa's spoiled dog knows it.  She literally spends hours in the basement pacing back and forth trying to find that undesirable rodent.  I personally hope she catches it sooner than later... She's too busy chasing a mouse to cuddle with me now, and I miss my cuddlebuddy!

My new ward is awesome.  We're having a breakfast cook out tomorrow in the parking lot of stonebrooke.  Free pancakes and bacon? Yes please!

If you haven't seen Downton Abbey yet. GO WATCH IT! It makes me want to speak eloquently and in a british accent.  But does that really happen? nono not even close.

For all those that saw my old apartment, remember my picture wall ya? well... there's just not a good wall to do it on here so I started something new.  I'll write about it as soon as it's done so be on the look out because it's Cute!

After running into this crazy girl over and over again in the strangest places. We finally decided that it was about time we became friends.  It makes me happy.

Everyone says they hate hanging out with married people.  But I love it.  They are seriously some of the coolest people ever. 

With all the crazy rainstorms and seeing my friends from Washington, it makes me miss Tacoma!  Take me back! I want to go build houses!  

I am now in a real scary college class.  I have to write a research paper on special education law.  Yikes I'm nervous!  Gone are the days of making puppets and drawing pictures.. sigh. 

I am currently obsessed with Greek Food.  While shelving at the library,  I found a kids cookbook: Greek Edition.  I checked it out and will be making burekakia, popolettes, and my favorite, baklava this upcoming weekend.  I'll let you know how they turn out.   

Aerobics:  I never miss a class.  It's addicting to me this semester.  It helps that the teacher is super nice and awesome.  You should ALL come! The schedule is posted here.

I am craving a hike!! Kanarraville Falls anyone?

I miss my family. a lot.  aren't we crazy?  i like this. 

I've never really written a random post like this before... but I've discovered I love it.  I could just go on and on forever.  I guess I'm just a random kind of person. :)

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