Famous Connections: Olympic Edition

Watching the olympics is one of my favorite things to do.
It makes it even more fun when you kind of know people. 
Here are my little olympic connections.

  • Cam Levins - When people hear that I go to school at SUU the biggest reaction I get is, "Oh? Where is that?"  Cedar City may be a small town but some pretty big people have come from it.  One of them is Mr. Cam Levins.  Originally from Canada, Cam put himself on a be recruited website.  SUU found him and offered him a good scholarship, so he decided to come to little Cedar City Utah.  While attending SUU, he started running faster and faster until he eventually made it to the olympics.  He ran in the men's 10k and came in 11th place! A guy from SUU.  I didn't really know him personally, but I was friends with a bunch of his room mates.  We would have book club at their house every sunday. (Everytime I was there I would see him walk in the door from a run, this kid was literally running all the time.)  So there is one connection.
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  • Jake Gibb - Beach Volleyball:  Again, I don't know Jake Gibb personally, but my family and I  have been in the same ward as Jake Gibb's brother ever since we moved into the good ole' Lindon 4th ward.  Shayla Gibb (Jake's niece) wrote this on facebook the other day and I could not stop laughing.  She said, "So..kind of a london celebrity now..I got announced as the best fan at the stadium, interviewed me and my cousin Jenna after the game and had me teach the stadium the dance moves. A reporter for the london times asked me and my cousin jenna for a picture and interview which we are doing at the next game. And at the stadium we had a line of people waiting to get pictures with us and a few autographs!!! I love london! I am a nobody in the USA." 
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  • Alan Neves - KSL cameraman:  My very own uncle has been in London filming the olympics for all of us to watch.  He is amazing at his job and I think we are all so grateful to him for the chance to watch these olympics in the comfort of our own homes.  (I'm also the lucky one that gets to babysit his kids while he's gone!)
Shooting the stones with Alex Cabrero

Oh how I love the olympics

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jessie said...

the olympics are THE BEST. i'm so sad it's over.
to answer your question: i think les mis was my favorite. it's my very favorite musical and the cast was amazing! i also really liked mary stewart and titus andronicus. i thought they were both so good. i love cedar city! i go every summer!