#48 check

48.  Put a piece of gum on the gum wall in Seattle Washington.

Completed March 14, 2012

While building houses in Tacoma Washington we spent an afternoon in beautiful Seattle.

I loved every freezing cold second of it.
One of my favorite parts was being able to complete #48 on my bucket list.

I have added a piece of my gum to the great gum wall of Seattle.
It was absolutely nasty, disgusting and gross.

Seattle's 50 foot Wall of Gum is located on Post Alley right next to Pike Place Market.
The story says that people waiting to go to the Pike Theater would get tired of waiting.
Their gum would lose it's flavor, so they'd stick it on the nearest available thing (the wall).
Originally people would stick coins to the gum.
But as times got harder, the coins didn't stick around, however the gum did.

Crews were hired to scrape the gum off the wall, but it was a hopeless cause.  They discovered that more people came to look at the gum wall than the current play.
They gave up trying to clean it off.

And that is how the gum wall came to be.
Fascinating eh?

Who would ever think something so disgusting could be so cool?

I suggest if you ever get the chance to visit this, one of the top 5 germiest attractions in the world,
Do it!
It is a sight you will not want to miss :)

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