Cupcakes for Dinner?

It was the sunday afternoon right after general conference.
Neal, Tiffany, Ben, Kim, Jess, Hailey, Erik, and I had just enjoyed hearing the prophet and apostles speak. 
We were all hungry.
Erik and I decided to make a surprise meal.
We wouldn't tell a soul what it was, no matter how hard they prodded.
That's when I usually crack
But I held strong.  

We went up to my grandpa's house to prepare the meal.
And when we returned home, 
this is what they saw.... 

Beautiful Cupcakes!

Everyone was so mad at us for the mean april fools joke, because they were starving for some real food!
But they were in for a bigger surprise, because as they closely examined then bit into the cupcakes, they discovered that they were really meatloaf cupcakes with colored mashed potato frosting. recipe here.


Marina and Erik

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