The Most Talented Mormons in Cedar City

Last year my dear cousin Shannon asked me if I could do a talent with her and some of her friends for their ward talent show.
Without hesitation I agreed because it sounded like it was going to be such a fun thing to do!
For their talent they decided to put on a glow-stick dance.
So we choreographed a dance.
Wore all black.
Taped glow-sticks all over.
And looked like this.

And danced like this.

We won at the ward level.
We won at the stake level.
Then we won at the institute level!

This year they asked us to return as the opening act for this years talent show combined with Dixie's institute.  What a fun night! We had an absolute blast! And now I'm off to enjoy our reward of free dinner at The Pizza Factory and a showing of The Hunger Games.
I could not be more excited!
What a wonderful experience.

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