Our little SUU adventure.

Sometimes Amanda and I realize that we haven't seen our whole school.
We haven't ever been in some of the buildings.
So today we decided to change all that.
We went on a little adventure together and this is what we found out about good old Southern Utah University.

SUU has the greatest fall leaves. They are gorgeous. And Amanda thinks I'm crazy for taking a million pictures of her...haha

Yes, I love to throw leaves in the air.

Rainbow Rock? That's SUU right there for you.

Who needs a pet, or a zoo.  There's snakes right there inside the science building! And it was even molting.

Had no idea about these cute red tables on top of the science building! What?! new favorite place to study.

Yay for the roof of the science building!

We have a sky bridge.

It's the neatest thing ever.

There is a dining/living room.  Right on the 2nd floor of the GC.  It's so classy.

The Mosaic wall. 

Oh how we adore stain glass windows.  Pure beauty. 
SUU is pretty great. 
Everyone needs to explore this beautiful campus.

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