My place of employment.

This post was written months and months ago...but I forgot to post it. but I still wanted to. so here you go.

Throughout highschool, I never had a job.  I taught piano lessons, mowed lawns, and babysat.  That got me through high school, but college is a whole new story.
Everything costs money.
So I knew I needed to get a "real" job this summer.

I was super nervous because I had never applied for a real job, let alone worked at a real job.   I wasn't sure where to go or what to do, but the Lord was watching out for me.
I felt like I needed to come home for the summer so I did.
The first place I applied for was,
The Lindon Care and Training Center.   (LCTC)
LCTC is a place where people with a variety of disabilities live. 
My job as a Direct Service Provider (DSP) is to help them live.
Every morning I get them up, feed them, monitor showers, make sure they are lookin' nice, drive them to work, then do room maintenance.
They also have specific goals that they are working towards and it's my job to help them accomplish them.
These are my responsibilites as listed in the handbook, but my job is really much much more.

I believe in being there for the individuals.
If they need a listener, I'll give them my ears.
If they need a hug.  I'll give them my arms. 
If they need a friend.  I will be there for them.
Many people ignore them or try to make them perfect.
Some people tell them to stop complaining or to not get mad, but
it's important for them to realize that,
They are people too.
They have angry moments just like us.
They sometimes just need to complain. like us.

I am the luckiest girl in the world because I get to work with celestial beings.
Every day I think about how these people were so righteous, so good in the pre-mortal life.  
They were the special ones.
I get to take care of the most righteous people and I'm going to do it right.
I am going to give them my all because they deserve that.
They deserve to be treated like royalty because that is what they are.
They are the elect sons and daughters of the King.

I couldn't ask for a better job. 

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