The Perfect Date

April 25.
It's not too hot.
It's not too cold.
All you need is a light jacket.

April 25 really is the perfect date.
But what makes it even more perfect is the fact that April 25 is my birthday.

So now I am officially 19 years old.
I feel like I'm getting so old!

I have the best friends, family and room mates.
They made Monday one of the best birthdays ever.

So this.
is how we celebrated.

Opening presents the day before with my family.  I got Tangled. And I was overjoyed!!

Yes I like to fold the tissue paper while I open my presents.

Lunch with my twinner Katrina Brocco.  No joke. We have the same birthday, our names rhyme, we speak french, we've never been skiing or snowboarding.  We are just so alike it's creepy.  I'm glad that my old jr. high friend decided to come to SUU.  We had a blast!
Made my day coming home to this. Made me feel so special!
Making me yummy chicken fajitas for my birthday dinner.


The tangled poster that dougie got me.  Now I can fall asleep every night looking at Euguene's beautiful face :)

Vanilla Ice Date at top spot :)

Best roomies.

Nothing beats vanilla ice for a quarter.

The INCREDIBLE cheesecake that Miranda made for me!! It was SO good and I couldn't stop eating it!
Two of my favorite boys

My other twinner. Kelsi Hadlock who lives down the hall!

Sweet Stephanie! gave me a cake! I felt so special!  She is such a sweetheart!

Trying to pick out a flavor of ice cream. So many choices.

Eating the ice cream at the park :)

First bite :)

Oh we had good times.
The Floating Lanterns.

My birthday was definitely complete after this.
All three of us live on the same floor, and have the same birthday. crazy crazy.

The cake that Josh made for us :)

Dinner at Olive Garden the next day :) Our favorite.

The cake to celebrate mine and steph's birthday

I had the best birthday :)

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