.best assignment...worst class.

My name is Marina Glyn Woodward
I am a special ed/ elementary ed duo major.
and I Love it.

I have enjoyed every single one of my classes...
...until this last semester.

I had to take educ 3180 educational decision making.
It was the most pointless class ever.
No one came.
No one listened.
It was just a repeat of everything we learned in our other classes.

But then he gave us our final assignment.
We had to write our educational philosophy using 3 things we talked about in class.
We also had to present it using a poster or a web page...
I am not a computer genius, so I asked if I could maybe write a blog.
He said I could try, but he didn't think it would work.

I so proved him wrong.
and I got an A.

so Ha.

Enjoy the cuteness

And keep in mind that this is not a complete professional philosophy.  It still has a LOT of work.

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