my little blue cup

Day 12 – something you are OCD about

I am a very happy person.
I do not get annoyed easily at all.
And I don't think I'm that OCD about a lot of stuff.

But there is this one thing...

So I have this cup.
A little blue cup.

It's really cute and I wish I had a picture of it.
Anyways, I keep it out on the sink at all times so I can easily grab a quick drink of water.
It also reminds me that water is important, and that I need to drink as much of it as possible.

As long as no one touches, or drinks out of this cup,
I am happy.
And trust me,
you don't want to see me if someone does...

And I think I will leave it at that.

Oh another OCD,
Tupperware needs to be put back in the right spot.
If not, then I get really bugged too.  

1 comment:

miss rae said...

haha oh Rina... you make my life! I'll spread the word about the cup thing. Wouldn't want to see you upset EVER! I have yet to see you without a smile on your face. You are truly amazing.