Absolutely Magical

I, Marina Glyn Woodward, am a princess, and
Someday I will meet the man that makes me feel like a princess.
Someday I will have a magical dance under the stars.
Someday I will be serenaded from outside my window.
Someday I will receive dozens and dozens of roses and all types of flowers.
Someday the glass slipper will fit my foot.
Someday I will fly away on a magic carpet with my love.
Someday I will awake from a deep sleep by a prince.
Someday I will have my true love's kiss.
Someday I will marry my prince.
Someday I will live my happily ever after....
But don't worry it won't happen for a long long time.

But in the meantime I guess I will just have to dream about my future, 
and what my fairytale wedding dress will look like. 

Sleeping Beauty

Cinderella (my favorite)


Snow White

Oh and you should probably look at this website.
Erica Ellen and I oooed and aaaahhed at it for hours.  
Whoever said you couldn't have a magical fairytale wedding was very very wrong.


ereeka ellen said...

bahaha i love this so much..

Amanda Lyman said...

Ha ha. Aren't these dresses amazing?! Whitney's sister-in-law is getting the Snow White one, I believe? They're totally rad. My personal favorite is the Ariel one. Gotta love them mermaid dresses! :)