#20 check

Get completely soaked in a Utah rainstorm
Completed April 20, 2011.

It all started while Aly, Josh, Tyler and I were chillin' in the boys room.  We were talking, laughing, getting frustrated at the computer, attempting to do homework, facebooking, and listening to music. Then we saw lightning flash and heard the thunder boom.  I started freaking out because there is nothing more exciting than nighttime rainstorms.  After talking about the storm for a bit, Josh hopped off the bed and said "that's it, I'm going out. anyone else with me?"  I immediately hopped down too and said, "let me get my rainboots!"

We ventured outside and the rain was pouring down.  We skipped, we sang "singin' in the rain", we watched the lightning light up the sky, we splashed in puddles, and in the stream running down the curb.  It was absolutely epic.  And I got completely soaked from head to toe.  Huzzah for rainstorms and crossing something off my bucket list :)

I'm sad I didn't get any pictures in the rain, but this is what I looked like after.  You can't really tell, but I was soppin' wet.

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Megan Clark said...

How fun! I did this too recently! It is so much fun!