my friendos

Day 20 - All About Your Friends

I have the most amazing friends ever.
They have all left a handprint on my heart and everyday I am grateful for the lessons that they have taught me without even knowing it. 

So this my post is to celebrate friends!!

ps. I am so blessed with more friends than I can count, so if your picture is not on here, please do not be offended.  I still love you with all my heart.

Megan, Me, and Whitney as little kidos.
The lunch bunch
The Cul-de-Chicks
Jess' wedding
my dearest mum.  My best friend.

My orchestra friends :) love katie and diana

ladies of messina *pose*
Me and Kylie.  Who ever knew I could get so close to a sophomore?
Nick.  My new little brother.
lovelovelove this girl.
the cedar family
my tahitian sister tehiva.
the boys. cory, colton, doug.
The boys upstairs. (dressed up like Harry Potter :)

Roomies: Semester 1
Roomies: Semester 2
My dear cousins shan and kels
good times in vegas.
my dearest rachel.
yay for friends and temple trips!
Manders: who will always listen.
Erica:  who always puts a smile on my face.  Oh how grateful I am for EM nights.  We could talk for hours.
Whitney: on her wedding day.  Friends since we were 2.  so many memories.  Amazing girl.
My family:  Every member of my family is my best friend.  I am so grateful for each and everyone of them.

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