false alarm

Day 15 – funny or embarrassing story

It was 7:00 am on a saturday morning when I woke up from a rattling sound.
I groggily opened my eyes and saw that my door was shaking.
Still half asleep, I tried to figure out what on earth was going on.
I finally came to the conclusion that it was an earthquake and that I did not want to die.
So I started frantically thinking of what I should do.
I couldn't run to the door to get out of the house because it was shaking,
but I could punch out the screen in my basement window and crawl up throught that....
Then I remembered how in elementary they taught us to crawl under our desks.
There's kind of no room under my bed, so that wasn't an option, but I remembered what my dad told me.
He taught me about the triangle of life
and how it's a lot better to crouch beside objects so the ceiling won't fall on the bed and then make the bed crush you.
So I rolled off my bed, crouched down right next to it and covered my head with my arms waiting anxiously for the earthquake to end.
But then I realized
that it really wasn't an earthquake. 
It was just my parents upstairs doing insanity.
So I crawled back in bed,
feeling completely stupid for thinking that there was actually an

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ereeka ellen said...

and this was the story that confirmed for me that we were going to be friends for life.. i giggle whenever i picture you punching out your window. bahaha