Cause you're amazing, just the way you are...

Meet Aleicia and Chase
They are in Love.

And they finally tied the knot on Friday, March 11.

It was a beautiful day
a beautiful reception
and a beautiful couple.

Congratulations Chase and Aleicia Nay!

aaww the happy married cedar couples

The reception and luncheon was at Highland Gardens. Oh my gorgeous. Loved it.

cutest funniest couple

bahah oh whitney, you make the funniest faces ever.

steph oh steph. my lovely wonderful date.

they figured out how to rub the top of glasses and make a sound...

gorgeous.huge.cake made by leesh's mom

love you girls.

Kim. thankyou for being my dancing buddy and not being scared to bust a move on the dance floor with me. I appreciated it soso much :)

the cedar fam.


ereeka ellen said...

I think you should send a copy of these lovely pictures my way. :]

Amanda Lyman said...

or at least post them on the fb!! :)