#35 check

Day 14 – a letter to an anonymous person

Dear Anonymous person who left the tinkerbell necklace and pebble and the penguin cd on my doorstep last night,

I don't know who you are, but it made my day.  I was so grateful to be able to check #35 off my bucket list.  Pebble and the Penguin is one of my faves because the main penguin is named Marina.  The music by Barry Manilow is superb, but not easy to locate. I think it's a miracle you were able to find it. And I would just like to say thankyou.



Kelsie said...

Oh my goodness! I love that movie, too! Cept I haven't seen it forever :( Movie night sometime soon?

marina glyn said...

oooo most definitely!! I totally own it!! it's for sure my fave!