What happens in Vegas.

And this is what us Cedar City people like to do on the weekend.

newyork newyork and excalibur in the back.

And this is where we spent our whole morning.  Gawking at the things that cost as more than our cars.  Here we are at Gucci's


It's the year of the rabbit. and they sure do celebrate it in vegas.

you will not believe it, but these pillars are made out of ice! no joke!


the chandelier

the bellagio!

making a wish!

i might of taken lots of creeper pictures of these 2...

the gang

my personal favorite.

Orchids!! in the indoor gardens in the Bellagio

be like a bunny rabbit


m&m world

the "tigers" in mgm

Viva Las Vegas!

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Amanda Lyman said...

Marina-thank you for making me be spontaneous. I appreciate it. Plus I had a totally rockin' time in Vegas! Thanks girlie! :)