if only if only.

Day 29 – your dream date

April 25.
It's not too hot.
It's not too cold.
All you need is a light jacket.
(And it's also my birthday!!!)

haha, but no really. I have two dream dates.

For the Winter

Iceskating on a cute little frozen pond in the middle of no where while it's snowing.  Then drinking hot chocolate with ice cream while we stargaze in the back of his truck.

For the Spring

We will go on a hike to a beautiful waterfall. Then we will have a picnic next to it in the beautiful meadow while he serenades me on his guitar.  After we eat till we are stuffed, we will go play in the waterfall, and while we are playing in the water he will grab my hand and take me under it and kiss me.  (Then I can cross off number one on my bucket list!!!)

But of course going on any date with my true love will be a dream date.

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Lila said...

You MUST go to Tahiti for the waterfall and kiss! Lots of beautiful hikes to awesome waterfalls.