i have the best brother.

Just a few of the reason why I love my little brother.
  • He has the biggest heart.  When he was little he wanted to be an orphanage keeper when he grew up because he felt bad for all the little orphans
  • He has the most amazing voice in the world. (especially in the shower:)
  • He is always there for me to talk to.  and oh how I love to talk to him.  I really miss our drives to provo.
  • He can play the cello. beautifully.
  • He has the most creative imagination. he comes up with the coolest ideas and games.  I don't know how he dreams all his stuff up!
  • He wrote the sweetest, kindest things about me on his wonderful blog (you all better go check it out!)
  • He is a stud.
  • He is my brother who is always there for me, and i know he loves me with all his heart.
I Love you ian!

Happy Birthday big 14 year old!
Thanks for being the best brother ever.

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Ian said...

Marina you are soo amazing thank you so much I love you a ton and I can't wait to see you soon for spring break. Hope you have a great day!
Love Ian