What happened on Wednesday

I had just finished doing laundry and going to dinner with the best grampa in the world when I walked in the door of my humble abode.

The first thing Brandi said was, "I'm so Bored!"
because I can never really be bored.
We decided to play a game.
I pulled out my favorite  game 
Milles Bornes
And oh boy, we had a blast! 
I lovelovelove playing games.

Then, because we were on this gaming streak, we decided to go ask our lovely neighbors Kara and KJ to come play phase 10 with us, 
but unfortunately they were not there.
Their roomie told us they were at 
Swing Dance Club
 So we decided to join them.  
except they actually weren't there....
We called up our good friend Doug and started swingin'
I swung dance  
and it was pretty legit.
 We did some saweet moves and awesome lifts.
Swing Dance Club
is my new favorite thing.
Every Wednesday
Brandi and I are going to make a habit of it.

Then we were going to Starbucks to play checkers.
(They have a giant checkerboard there, how cool is that?)
But it was unfortunately closed
 so instead we went over to Miranda's cousin Colton's house where we played Call of Duty

If you know me, 
you will know that I am not a gamer.
Mario Bros is about it....
but, I totally killed 3 guys.  
I was pretty proud of myself...  

Then we came back home and watched Dinner for Schmucks which is hilarious.
You will laugh.

And then I went to bed.

So that is what happened on Wednesday.
It Was a Wonderful day. 

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