the rains came down and the floods came up

It was a little before 5 o'clock on tuesday.
I was snacking on some peanut brittle when all of the sudden I hear my mom yell
Marina, Help!
I came running as fast as I could,
but stopped as soon as I felt like I was running through a swamp.
I looked into the kids bathroom and saw about 2 inches of water covering the bathroom floor. And even more running through the carpet
I immediately called my father,
got some towels
and a snow shovel to scoop up water to throw in the tub.
I walked downstairs and it was raining. but only a little bit.  It wasn't that bad.

so yes,
Our house got flooded this week,
but all is well.
We are getting it taken care of.
Complete Restoration is working on it
and I can't sleep because of the loud fans and dehumidifier.
but It's okay because that tuesday night was definitely an adventure.
Here are the highlights

The Most Surprising thing
 All the "surprises" we found in my parent's closet when we emptied it to rip up the carpet.
The Most Redundant and Annoying thing
I am so sick of ringing out and washing and drying them.
I can't stand 'em
The Luckiest thing
I know this is really selfish of me, but my room and the sewing room didn't get flooded.  Barely missed us.
The Coolest thing
The cool under the carpet fans that make it look like the ocean.
The Funniest thing
If I only I was a water bender, this wouldn't have happened  ~Ian
The Nicest thing
All of our kind neighbors who lent their fans to us and their time to help dry out our wet house.  A special thanks to Laurie and Mike Clark, Kirk Houle with all his flooding knowledge, and Bruce Armstrong for his awesome fans.
The Sweetest thing
If we have to replace all our walls, me and jamison will donate all of our disneyland fund to get new ones.  ~Olivia

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