Never thought i'd have to do that again...

December 12, 2009
was a wonderful day.
Because that was the last day I had to take the ACT

or so I thought.

I year later I found out that in order to become a teacher I would have to take another test.
exactly like the ACT.

But this one was worse because,
  • They only gave us about 5 problems to study per section.  No classes, or books.
  • It went into late into the night. Staying awake was difficult.
  • It was right during dinner, so stomach's were a rumblin'.
  • They didn't tell us exactly where to go. I went to one place only to be directed to go to another room... This was an unecessary stressful moment right before the test.
  • We had to take it after a long, full day of difficult classes.
  • And the test administrator talked about standardized tests for about 1/2 hour before we even started.

But even though it seemed a lot harder.
I actually feel like I aced it!

I answered every problem.
Never ran out of time, like on the ACT.
There was no science... big bonus right there.
and I even remembered all the little things in math.

It was a miracle.
A heavenly hug.

I have done everything I needed to, to get in the program.
so now.
I just have to wait.

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