i won

Every college student has to deal with them.

Buying textbooks is one of the most stressful, frustrating, yet rewarding things you have to do for college.

It's a pain to find all your books for the cheapest prices
Because the bookstore totally rips you off
But it's all worth it for that moment when you find your textbook at an extremely cheap price.

And I was very lucky to be able to experience that incredible feeling today at 9:03 am

Thanks to my dear friend Doug who introduced me to this dear website  
I was able to get one of my $100 books for only 
oh yes.
I was happy.

What also enhanced my experience was the fact that I won it off an ebay auction. 
I was frightened beforehand and the anticipation was killing me, 
but because I have the smartest dad in the world,
he was able to help me,
which in turn boosted my confidence,
which led to winning the book.

Oh buying textbooks is definitely an adventure.

ps. if anyone who reads this goes to SUU, they should totally check out tbay , and buy my books, or if you don't need them you can read the funny descriptions of my books.  Or, I guess you could sell your books or get any that you need too :)

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