I kinda feel a little bit grown up.

For those of you who don't know,
I am going to be a teacher.
I am double majoring in special ed/elementary ed
and I love it.

I have the best classes
I have the best teachers
I am so excited.

But getting into the education program is kind of tricky,
it's no slice of pie.

We have to,
  • fill out paperwork
  • get a background check
  • have a group interview
  • and take the CAAP test (which is just like the ACT but no science. yay!)
So I just barely finished my interview, and it was

I felt very good about it.  
I could talk clearly and get my point across.
I was comfortable.
It was actually really fun.

So now,
I kinda feel a little bit more grown up.

ps. Pray for me,  I take the CAAP on thursday! 

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