a wrapped salad

Our family loves appetizers
especially my mom
So after a whole newspaper article on different appetizer recipes, we decided to try out a new one every meal.
And the wonderful appetizer we made today was 
drumroll please....

Spring Rolls. 

I, Marina Glyn Woodward made these little beauties with minimal help from my dear mother.
and oh it was exciting,
and actually super easy.

I got to chop up a million vegetables and mix it with soy sauce and lime juice.
oh and the best part is this.... (pardon the tangent)

I love basil.
I had a basil plant that I grew over the summer,
but after I left for school.
It died.
So my parents surprised me by buying a new one right before I came home for the break.
So I got to pinch off some leaves and chop them up to put in the mix.
I was really excited about it.
It was a very happy day. 
I might have freaked out a little bit too....

some magic happened.
and I'm not even kidding.

There is this thing called rice paper.
And it's a magic paper.
that's edible too.

So what you do is slide this paper into some hot water and
it disappears!!!!

Seriously! you can see it become invisible!
It's crazy cool!

Then you take it out and put the veggies inside and roll it up.
It seems really fragile like it will break any second just by pulling too hard,
but it's strong and does not tear easily.

I had an absolute blast making them!

but unfortunately,
they don't really taste that good.
Ian, our asian food despiser, made his distaste for the stuff well known.
But with good reason.
I was not particularly fond of them myself. 
I ate them just because they were so fun to make.
I can't really say why, but
let's just say they didn't appeal to my tastebuds.

So now this story comes to a close. 
And the lesson learned.

Spring Rolls are a magical fun-to-make food. 
and dont you forget it.

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