Remembering the Magic


We had such an amazing vacation.
I could babble on about it for hours,
but it's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
So here are thousands and thousands and thousands of words :)

Brace yourself for a LOT of pictures.

The Disneyland Hotel
 Our family was lucky to win this trip because of a contest my dad entered.  Because we won, we got to stay at the Disneyland Hotel.  It was such a darling place, however I was a tiny bit disappointed.  The room really wasn't that disney, and the pool was under construction, and no complimentary breakfast, but it was Totally worth it for the amazing view and the cute shampoo and conditioner bottles that had mickey heads on them, oh, and the chocolate coins.

The gorgeous view of the sunrise from our very own window
This was the pool.  Even though most of it was under construction, at least we got to swim in part of it.  Oh and there was a pirate ship and an ariel statue.  That was pretty legit.
Giant star as you exit the area
Look at her face. Love it.

The Monorail
Because we were Disneyland hotel guests we were able to ride the monorail straight into the park in the morning.  This was quite excellent because that meant no waiting in forever long lines!  It was also quite enjoyable to ride it!

On our way!
riding in the back! which, in my opinion, is the best spot.
Gorgeous sunset that we saw as we rode the monorail.
 Thunder Mountain
 One of our favorite rides.  We loved getting the back and it still wasn't fast enough for Ian.  Everytime we went on it he kept saying faster faster faster.! lots of fun.

Crazy kids :)
This is an action shot of Olivia falling.  My dad told her to go sit on the railing to take a picture, but she kinda fell.  and kids, that's why they tell you not to sit on the railing.
The brave little soul
Fantasy Land
Yes. I am still a kid at heart.  I still went on all the little kid rides and loved it.  You can never get enough of fantasy land.

White Rabbits House
Don't I have the cutest brother ever?
Riding through the whale that has scared so many.
riding on Dumbo!

Ian will always be a boy at heart.
Finding Nemo: Our first ride.
Matter Horn
 One of Ian's favorites. I had fun taking pictures, during, the ride.

Yes, I took that picture during the ride. Yes. I am pretty proud of it.

scawed wittle owivia
Action Shot!

 Bugs Land
This is one of my favorite places in Cali adventure because I feel so small in it and they have the cutest things! I absolutely loved the christmas decorations here. So adorable.  Heimlich's chew chew train is the best ride because of the  yummy watermelon and animal cracker smells. yumm.
Love the big ornaments
Popsicle bench by far my favorite thing here.
I just can't get enough of the clovers and the big lights.  It was the cutest thing.
California Adventure
We spent all of monday here and had some good times and lots of firsts.  Olivia loved Grizzly River Run, so we had to go on it over and over again.  And even though she was completely drenched from head to foot, that was still not wet enough for her.
Mom's very very first time on screamin' and yes, I am so proud of her.
Because I am still absolutely obsessed with waterfalls
Self shot with our whole family. Yes I am that awesome.
Magical Christmas Touches
What an amazing time to be at disneyland.  Christmas was everywhere.  They even made it snow on mainstreet.  I would highly highly recommend going to Disneyland at christmastime because it really does make it so much more magical.  

They had poinsettias planted everywhere! Can't say I've ever seen one in the actual ground until this trip.
Even the little houses in storybook land were all decked out for christmas
The pretty tree we saw as we left our hotel
The castle.
Such a magical place to be

 Merry Christmas!


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