I might be obsessed with shoes....

Oh do I have a funny story to tell.
But to start off,
I think you must know that,

I love shoes.
I love everything about them.
I love the feeling you get when you wear a pair that matches your outfit perfectly.
I love when you don't get wet socks because you wore your cute rainboots.
I love when you wear heels that make you look classy and 3 inches taller.
I love when you don't get blisters because you are wearing the perfect pair of shoes.
And the list goes on.

Even though I adore shoes,
I am not as obsessed as my dear friend Whitney, and my dear mother.
but compared to your average girl,
I believe that I do have a little bit of a shoe fetish.


Lately, I have absolutely loved boots. 
I have to walk around a cold, wet, snowy, rainy campus and I don't want no cold feet.
So I wear my boots a lot.
boots are very expensive
and I am a poor college student.

So I started a black boot fund because black matches almost everything
Right when you walked in our apartment door you could see a glass jar that said,
Marina's Black Boot Fund
I do have the greatest friends.
From that little jar I was expecting to get maybe ten dollars if I was lucky, but no.
I got
And then I got even luckier.

From our Macdonald's expeditions during Monopoly season, Mack got a coupon for 20 free pictures from snapfish.
She didn't want it, but oh I did.

After ordering my 20 free prints a popup thing said that I won a $10 gift certificate to either a ticket place, a fan place, or shoebuy.com

I chose shoebuy.com

So I went and looked online and found the perfect pair of black boots for only $35, no shipping.
Let's do the math

35 - 10 = 25 - 24.49 = .51

It was the most glorious day of my life.

But unfortunately I do not have a credit card, so I was just waiting to come home so I could borrow my parents and pay them back,
I forgot.

Then at 10:30 on Dec. 14 I randomly decided to check my email and there I found the email that said my gift certificate expires at midnight on Dec. 14
I was freaking out.
So I crept up the stairs and luckily my parents were still up,
I went into their room and asked if I could buy the boots.
My dear sweet father then came out and helped me
and now
the boots are on their way.
And I can hardly wait.

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