He is always there.

Whenever you are having a bad day, He is there.
Whenever you are treated poorly, He treats you like a princess.
Whenever nobody understands you, He does.
Whenever you just feel like crying, He lets you.
Whenever you feel awful about something, He forgives you.
Whenever life is just too hard to bear, he lifts you up.
Whenever you are having a dark stormy day, He will light it up for you.
Whenever you get angry at someone for no reason, He helps calm you down.
Whenever you want to give up, He encourages you.
Whenever you feel lazy, He can inspire you.
Whenever you feel hurt, He will comfort you.
Whenever you are sad, He can make you happy.
Whenever you just need to talk to someone, He will always listen.

I love my Heavenly Father,
and I know that
no matter what I do,
He is always there for me.
And He will never ever leave me.
Because He loves me more than I can ever imagine,
and I love him with all my heart.

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