do you believe in magic?

"Marina, after church is there sometime we could skype you and have a big family skype meeting?"

"Sure Mom, I'd love to."

Little did I know what this meeting would turn into.

After talking with them for a few minutes my parents made an anouncement,
We decided to give you kids your christmas present a little bit early
They pulled out a little golden box
One of the kids carefully took off the lid
and found a note that said,

A Woodward Family Christmas

For our awesome children
We have a special Christmas gift this year
Designed to bring us closer as a family,
And to fill our hearts with cheer.

In this month when we celebrate
Our dear Savior's birth,
We're going to spend a weekend
At the Happiest Place on Earth!

Yes, you heard that right
We'll tell you what we've planned
Three whole days to play and shop
At our beloved Disneyland!

In less than five days we'll be leaving
So pack your bags up soon.
We'll leave for Cedar and pick up Rina
On Friday afternoon!

You are such wonderful children
Trying to do just what you should
This is our way to thank you
For being so extra good.

We are going to Disneyland!!
I can barely contain my excitement.

In only 4 days,
we will be

What an Amazing Christmas present!
Thanks soooooooooooooo much mom and dad!
I Love you!


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