call me crazy

it is done.

I finished my 10 page paper
but it was really like 17 pages
And I am so relieved.

Even though writing the paper completely stressed me out
I kind of loved it.
I loved my topic 
and because it completely consumed my life
I thought about it 24/7.

So I decided to enlighten all y'all .
I am going to tell you the story of my paper. 

During my child development class we learned about the whole nature vs. nurture debate.  Ever since that day, this argument has intrigued me.  I absolutely love learning about it. 
For our final critical research essay in my engl 2010 class: writing about existentialism, we were given two options.  I chose the second option which said,
Formulate a thoughtful question based on your readings this semester and try to answer the question.  uou are free to expand and develop an argument posed in your Essay 1 or Essay 2.  Please ground your essay on at least one text read for class before week 9 and at least one text read for class after week 9.  In your response, please incorporate at least three substantial external sources.
 As I was thinking about it, I wondered what existentialists would think about the whole nature vs. nurture debate.  At first I thought that they would definitely agree with the nurture theory, because they believe that humans create their own being, but as I was doing my research, I had a hard time finding information to support that.  Then I read a line by Jean-Paul Sartre that said,
For suppose like Zola, we showed that the behavior of these characters was caused by their heredity, or by the action of their environment upon them, or determining factors, psychic or organic.  People would be reassured, they would say, "You see, that is what we are like, no one can do anything about it." But the existentialist, when he portrays a coward, shows him as responsible for his cowardice.
This section made me wonder if maybe existentialists don't believe in either the nature or the nurture theory.  So I went and talked to my dear teacher and after discussing the topic with her I realized that existentialists would really think that this whole debate doesn't even matter. 
It doesn't matter why we are the way we are.  They just think that it's important for humans to take responsibility and live their life.  Life is all about the choices we make now.  You can become whoever you want to be, it's just up to you.

So that is what I wrote my whole paper on.


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