The Turkey Bowl

Highlights of the 2010 Turkey Bowl

  • Not enough boys show up, so we decide to play co-ed.
  • Whitney in her slippers and hood completely scrunched up
  • Plays with cool names, such as "Bacon." (To the boy's displeasure.)
  • Me in my rain boots, completely blind without my glasses.
  • Kaytlin's hop to score a touchdown
  • Whitney's mad football playing skills
  • "Whitney and Mitch, your kids may not be tall, but they'll be good football players."
  • Erica pushing me over the line to score a touchdown.
  • Just throw the ball up in the air.
  • "Run around me in circles and I'll hand one of you the ball."  

There's no better way to spend a Saturday than playing some good ole football.

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