We have a wonderful Thanksgiving tradition.
Every other year, when we have Thanksgiving with my Grandpa, after we eat till our stomach's burst,
We go to the movie house and see a movie.  (generally a Harry Potter because it seems like they always come out in November)
But this year, because I've already seen it and because of the millions of little cousins I have, I decided to go see Tangled with them and my Aunt Dana.
And I could not have made a smarter choice.
Tangled was the movie that I was supposed to see this Thanksgiving.
As I sat there watching this new story of Rapunzel unfold, I couldn't help but realize how grateful I am for all the little things I'm blessed with.
As Rapunzel left her tower and set foot on grass for the first time she was ecstatic and I thought "Man, I wish that everyone could be like that and learn how to see things for the first time again."  
That would help us be more grateful for what we have.
From the moment she left the tower I couldn't stop thinking of all the things that I appreciate.
I am so thankful for that movie and the chance it gave me to really stop and think about how blessed I am.
Definitely two thumbs up.

is also remarkable.
Take a minute to watch it and it will help you realize the importance of gratitude.

Live in Thanksgiving Daily

Happy Thanksgiving!
Now onto the Christmas music!

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