Our Magical Adventure

Last night was

Right after the episcopal dinner our adventure began.

Erica Ellen, and I ran to wal-mart to grab a camp chair and snuggie then headed over roughly around 6:45 to Cinema 8 to watch
Harry Potter 7 Part 1 The Deathly Hallows

We got all cozied up in our blankets
and camped outside for a good 2 hours.
Then our dearest Josh went to the dollar store and got us glo-stick wands :)

They were perfect!! We absolutely loved them!

We also had fun people watching....seeing people's costumes was the Best!

Josh, Andrew, and Teata had the best costumes.  Oh how I love our neighbors.  Andrew even died his hair red just for this.  That's dedication.

I also Won the Harry Potter Trivia question so I got some

Finally after waiting in the cold, dark, night.
At 9:00, they let us into the theater
And we got Awesome seats
Smack, dab in the middle

The wait was so long I could hardly stand it!
But luckily the theater had some activities going on to help waste the time,
 They had:

A dj playing songs that Erica and I sang and kinda danced to
There was a bunch of Harry Potter Trivia, bun unfortunately we didn't win any popcorn
Mitch requested his and Whitney's song which was absolutely Adorable!
Josh played Shoot the Duck, and Angry Birds
Clarissa took our order for refreshments and Erica got a free medium drink and popcorn
We played the alphabet game...Josh won....
There was a wicked awesome costume contest. I can't remember who won, but I thought Bellatrix was the best.
A little kid sitting by Mitch made him read "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" because Mitch has not seen any of the Harry Potters! shocking, I know!

Then about 3 hours later, 
The lights dimmed
The screen turned on
The audience screamed
and it started.

WOW!  what a show!! I absolutely loved it! 

I will never forget Erica Ellen's sobbing.
This show means so much.

It was an absolutely enchanting night
And I love Harry Potter. 

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