Crowned with Confidence

Yes, I am a little obsessed with the new movie Tangled.
Yes, I have already seen it twice.
Yes, my eyes might have gotten a little bit watery....and
Yes, I think that it is absolutely darling.

Last Saturday, while I was watching it with my Grandpa, something new hit me.
I realized that the moment Rapunzel knew she was a princess
She was confident.

Throughout the story Rapunzel has a hard time standing up for herself.
She just doesn't have the strength to really tell her "mother" what she actually wants,
but the minute she realizes that
she is a daughter of a king
You can see the confidence glowing from her.

This reminded me of my fourth year of girl's camp
Our theme was
Crowned with Confidence
We talked about how when we put our trust in the savior and realize who we really are,
We can do anything.

I feel just like Rapunzel,
I might not have long golden hair,
I wasn't locked up in a tower all my life,
but I know, like she does, that I am a  
Daughter of a King.

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