4 missionaries: 1 day


Nathan Laudie
Mexico (same mission as my cousin Edward)

He was..
my first date
my first kiss

At his farewell he wore his bow-tie and horn-rimmed glasses.
Mexico is going to love him.


Prom Sophomore Year


Sam Summerhays
New Jersey

My good friend with the orange backpack
He'd walk to school everyday and sometimes if we saw him, we'd give him rides.  
Made a funny joke about LeBron James in his talk
I can't wait for him! His mission will be so good for him

(sorry no picture)

Foster Irwin
(yes, they are in the same ward at the same time.)

I will never forget the first time we met, 
"Foster Irwin!! Is Foster down there?"
"ummm... I'm Foster..." 

I'll miss his ukelele playing, but
Foster is so ready to go. 
He is one prepared missionary.

Hyrum Gurr
New Jersey

The sweetest guy who makes me feel even more gullible than I am.
We had the best lunch time talks
It was fun being in the same group for practically every single dance.
Maybe someday I'll actually go on a date with him.

He is going to be a great missionary   

What a fun day full of farewells!
I am so proud of all these fine young men for choosing to go preach the gospel to the world
I know they will all help change someone's life


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