my special places

Now that I am a big college student I have lots and lots of studying to do.
I have so much homework, but
call me Crazy!
I absolutely Love it.
(well...most of the time)

Unfortunately, I can't do any of my homework at my apartment, one of the only places I can do it is 

This is the SUU library.
It has become my second home.
My favorite place to sit is on the second floor in the reading room, near the left window on a cute little table.

I love the library so much because it is quiet and I can actually hear myself think. 
It helps me concentrate.
And it's nice to be able to go home and not worry about doing any homework at all.

My other place I love to study at, (when it's not windy) is the grove.
The grove is by the Adam's theater and it just feels like home to me. 

see...right there inbetween all the trees.
That's where I like to sit on the grass.
And the other bonus about studying here is....

Yes those rocks on the righthand side make up the waterfall
and yes. there is a waterfall on campus
and yes. I am in love with it.

Nothing beats doing homework by the sound of falling water.
Life just couldn't get better.

So. When I'm not at my place. Or at my grandpa's. 
I bet you will find me here.
Because they are my special places.

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