Baby Girl

This is Olivia

She is the best sister you could ever hope or dream for. 
I love her sosososososo much!

A long time ago, I really really wanted a sister. 
I wanted one so bad.
Then one day, my parents gave us suckers and told us that we were going to have a baby sister. 
I was ecstatic!
I could hardly believe that my dream was coming true!
This is what she looked like when she was born.
She was our little indian baby.
but oh how she's grown.
From being a cute adorable little girl to being a tomboy.

Oh how I love her! 

And today was the best day.
When I got home and checked my po box 
there inside was a letter from my dear sister.
She wrote the cutest notes that totally made my day.
Thanks Livia!
I miss you soso much!
You are the best sister ever!
I Love you Baby Girl!

Love, Marina

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