Welp.  I needed a change so decided to try something new.  

So this blog will no longer exist, however, you can read all about my adventures on my new blog


-Peace and Blessings-


I'm feeling 22.

April 25
The perfect date.

...and my birthday :) 

I turned 22.  
So that means it is the only day where I am completely justified in singing Taylor Swift's 22 song at the top of my lungs.  

As I was belting the melody, 
some words stuck out to me that I'd never really heard before.  
They go like this

           We're happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time
           It's miserable and magical 
           Oh, yeah

What an odd choice of words?  
Completely opposite.
How can you be miserable, happy, magical, confused, lonely, free all at the same time?

But then I thought about my life,
and realized,
that it explains it perfectly.  

One second I can't stop smiling and the next I'm in tears.  
One second I feel so busy, and the next I feel free.  

Oh the joys of being 22.  

But really. 
I am going to make this next year amazing. 
Soooo many changes are coming
Things will be different

It will be hard.  
It will be dang hard.

But I know with the help of the Lord I will be able to make it through anything that comes my way. 

Cheers to being 22!  


I survived.

Welp kids. 
I did it. 
I made it through this 

And I'd just like to point out the fact that I am still alive.

I'd like to thank the following people for helping me pull through, 
without them, I would be a mess.

First and foremost
My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ
for always being there for me no matter what
for loving me and forgiving me and understanding when I made a mess of myself
for letting me constantly vent
for giving me hope.

To my charming grandfather
for helping me with homework
for sharing his wisdom at the times I needed it most
for food, clothing, shelter.. literally
for his compassion.

To my dearest mother
for the countless times she saved my butt. 
for always listening and sharing her love

To my wonderful father
for telling me how it is
for always helping me to make the best decisions
for his guidance and love

To my siblings
for always making me feel like the most special person in the world.

To my bishop
for his love and support
for letting me text him constantly and practically live at his house
for his optimism
for his belief in me

To Ali
for literally always being there for me to talk to
for keeping it real
for helping me focus on the important things
for the order she brought to my life
for her clothes
for her company and kindness

To my Relief Society Girls
for making me feel like a super star
for boosting my self confidence every day
for still loving me even after I made a fool of myself every sunday

To Peggy and Brian
for being the type of teachers that inspire and encourage me to become my best and not give up
for being so selfless, kind, and caring
for teaching and preparing me to become the best teacher

To Liz
for helping me hang in there when the teaching got tough.
for giving me that sliver of hope I so desperately needed

To the Block girls
for becoming a family 
for teaching me things I couldn't learn anywhere else
for watching out for me
for celebrating my triumphs
for helping me hang in there
for picking me up when I was slacking
for becoming that support system I so desperately needed

To my SUUSA family
for being such genuine friends
for encouraging me
for understanding exactly what I was going through 
for eating cookie dough and gossiping
for being passionate about the same things I'm passionate about

To my wardies 
for creating a ward I never want to leave
for loving me, joking with me, and playing with me
for giving me the breaks from school and responsibility that I needed so bad
for sharing your testimonies

Next semester will be SO different. 
But I know that the relationships I've built in the past 4 months will help support me in the coming year.
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
to everyone 
for touching my life 
and helping me become a better me.

Last semester of college.
Here I come.



As School Quickly Approaches

Dear Current and Future Students of SUU,

     Your government leaders have been hard at work this past week (and whole summer really) to bring a fantastic year full of activities, clubs, and academic initiatives to YOU.  There will be zombie balloons, club fairs, flying on eagles, awesome senate meetings, surveys, foodfoodfood, constitutional changes, mini golf, and sit downs with your senator.  We have accomplished much over this retreat to St. George... (especially the senate.  We got all our work done so fast we had lots of time to relax ;)  Can I just say how excited I am for this next school year?  You should be excited too.  


Your SUUSA leaders

P.S.  I've included some pictures of some fun stuff we did as well... It was nice, fun, and hot.  Too hot.  


What would your super hero power be?

When people are asked the question...
If you could have any super power what would it be?
Most of them say,
the ability to fly
or to become invisible.
I say,
Control time.
If I could control time... that would be the most amazing super power of all.
And it would definitely be saving my life right at this exact moment in time.


grandma's house

Franklin, Idaho

Where family is
Where flies constantly buzz
Where the fields go on and on,
Where there are chickens, millions of chickens
Where there is food
always food
too much food.
Where stars burn brightly
Where games are played,
Old and new
Where memories are made.

Franklin, Idaho
Where Grandma lives